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Starting to Play

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Catching Fish

Equip your rod and reel and press CAST button. The green bar is the strength of the fish. The bigger the fish, the harder the fight. Some fish are more aggressive and will fight more than others; the bar will turn red when a fish is fighting hard. The blue bar is the line tension. Watch the line tension meter, if it goes too far your line will snap and the fish will escape. When the fish is fighting or the line tension gets too high, let go of the reel and let the line spool out a bit. To land the fish, you will need to switch between reeling and relaxing the line.

The fish might escape or you may break your tackle

Each fish species behaves differently, some fish are easier to catch (Bream) and some are more challenging (Pike). When a fish is fighting hard the line tension meter will turn red to indicate the fish is on a run.

Some female fish carry hard roe. Try to catch these fish. You can add fish with roe to your own ponds and lakes to breed, increase fish populations in your lakes and produce fish stock.

The green bar is the tension indicator: it shows the load on your tackle. If the bar gets into the red zone, the tension on your tackle is too high and you risk breaking it. The distance (ft) shows the distance remaining to land the fish.

Tap Bag > Tackle. You can see your equipped tackle highlighted in yellow. To change tackle tap use > equip. (rods, reels, baits & lures).

Your rod must have broken. If one of the icons is red, your tackle is damaged and needs to be fixed. Tap Bag > Tackle > fix to repair a broken item. Or go to the Tackle section of the shop to buy a new rod.

The line must have snapped. Go to the shop and get a new one. When you snap the line or break your rod or reel, you also lose the lure that was equipped with it.

To use another rod that you bought, click on the Backpack icon in the bottom right, open the Tackle section and tap use > equip. (rods, reels, baits & lures).

To switch between different baits, tap the bait window whilst fishing, or go to the Tackle section in the Backpack.

A big un escaped huh!? too bad 🙁 You will need to equip heavier tackle and try again.

Don’t let the line spool out past the reels line capacity. Use the right tackle combination for the fish you are targeting. There is always a chance that a big fish bites and your tackle won’t be enough to strike. Upgrade your tackle to be able to catch bigger fish.

You can enter tournaments and compete with other players around the world for prizes. Tap map button, select desired location and you will find tournaments under location description.

Tackle-Related Questions

Get better/heavier tackle and experiment with baits at each location to catch bigger fish.

The harder the rod action, the easier it is for you to pull out bigger fish. Balance rod action with line strength to get the most out of your tackle.

A cheap rod might break if a big fish bites. Some fish are very rare and difficult to catch, buy the most expensive rod you can afford to have the best chance of landing a monster!

Lures are designed to target certain species, you can find out what species each bait is used for by tapping the bait window. Some lures are designed for bigger fish than others.

RODS: The more advanced rods make landing the big fish easier. The rod weight is the recommended weight – you can pull out a 20lb fish with a 10lb rod, but it will be more difficult and time consuming.

REELS: Big fish tend to fight hard and make more runs so you need good line strength and spool capacity. You can catch big fish on light tackle but it will be more difficult and time

Game parameters: energy, money, XP

Performing actions on your site costs energy. The number on your energy bar is the remaining number of actions. You can increase max energy in the game by purchasing items in the shop.

Each cast costs 1 stamina. The number on your stamina bar is the remaining number of actions. You can increase max stamina in the game by purchasing items in the shop.

Fishing gear

A fishfinder helps you locate certain fish in the water. After you equip it, it will appear in your main window. Every few seconds it shows a fish swimming under the water, or it may spot a treasure or a quest item. Casting your rod at the moment it shows an object increases your chances of catching it.

Many items in the game have a limited resource. Fishfinders in particular have a limited battery life, and they disappear from your inventory when the battery has run out.

Chum is a mixture of different baits that when added to your swim attracts certain species towards your hook. Example, adding bread chum will attract trout to your swim, adding fish chum will attract sharks!

Many items in the game have a limited resource. They disappear once used.

No, though it allows you to fish longer and harder which will help catch big fish

Locations and fish species

Record fish is your personal largest catch. Trophy fish is a fish larger than 75% of the maximum size of its species. Monster fish is a fish larger than 95% of the maximum size of its species. You can find your records in the records tab in your inventory.

Treasures, collectibles, challenges

Throughout your adventure you will face many challenges, completing challenges increase XP and reputation.

You need a lost and found office at your site to store found loot items. You can buy one in the shop at your site.

Collect a group of similar lost items to form a collection. Completing collections increases XP.

Your Fishing site

You start the game with a small pond on a plot of land. To attract other anglers you will need to turn your site into a fishing paradise! Do this by adding different buildings to your site, each building has unique features, some generate coins, bait and increase your sites attractiveness to other fishermen.

Go to your shop, tap buildings folder and scroll to your desired building. Green items are available to buy, red items are currently locked. Tap the purchase button to add a building to your site.

Tap sell button in the bottom left of the screen, tap the item you wish to sell to sell it. You may wish to sell old buildings when upgrading to new buildings.

Tap move button in the bottom left of the screen, tap the item you wish to move and tap on an available spot.

You will need to build some recreational buildings before other fisherman will visit your site. Add toilets, tackle shops and places to eat and stay to make your site more attractive. Increasing your reputation will also attract professional and richer customers.

You can collect Golden shiners in the game, by watching adverts or by sharing facebook updates. Or you can buy them in the shiner shop. 🙂

You can attract sponsorship by increasing your reputation. You can enhance reputation by entering and winning fishing tournaments.

By successfully breeding each species in a particular category you can complete collections. Completing fish collections greatly increase your sites attractiveness to other fisherman and randomly produce fish stock.

There are 3 ways to add fish to your pond. You can buy fish in the shop, catch a female fish with hard roe, or select a pond and press the add button. Breeding fish takes time, the bigger and rarer the fish, the longer it takes to breed.

You need to add a breeding pond before you can breed fish. You can buy a breeding pond in the buildings section of the shop.

You need to add a fish farm to increase your sites breeding capacity. You can buy a fish farm in the buildings section of the shop.

Fishing is fun but fishing with friends is better! You need a Facebook account to add friends. Tap the friend’s button and then ‘add’ to open your friends list.

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