Embark on a global fishing adventure with your guide “Captain Fish Hook” in the Ultimate Multi platform MMO Social Fishing game. Play for FREE on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook. Fish popular locations around the world, Catch, breed & sell rare species, HUGE variety of fishing tackle and species, Visit friends & fish their lakes, even hold your very own competitions, Multiplayer tournaments and leaderboards, Achievements, Collections, Unique Gameplay, Stunning 3D graphics and more…

PLAY NOW FOR FREE on iPhone, Android & Facebook

Play for Free

Download the game and play for free. Earn coins and xp to unlock items, features and new locations. Or purchase shiners and unlock them faster.

Build your own fishery

Ever dream of owning your own lakes? Well now you can! Start with a plot of land and then turn your site into a Fishing Paradise! stock and breed your favourite species, invite friends, host tournaments and more.

Fish exotic locations

Travel to 14 beautiful 3D rendered locations from around the world. Catch saltwater fish in Hawaii or hunt for the monsters of the Mekong river.

50 species to catch

From bass and pacu to stingray and giant catfish. Catch the widest variety of the rarest species ever seen in a fishing game. To catch them all you’ll need both skill and a little luck. Hold on tight!

Online Tournaments

Compete with players from around the globe for prizes. With lots of different tournaments to enter, who will be No.1?

Realistic Fishing

Working closely with a fishing legend has helped us create a game with unrivalled realism and action. Each fish has its own attributes such as strength and aggressiveness meaning no two fight is ever the same!

Become a Pro

Increase your reputation to earn pro sponsorship, pro anglers get to use the hottest bait and tackle

Tackle upgrades

You’ll not catch a monster with that old rod and reel, you’ll need to upgrade your tackle if you want to land a lunker of a lifetime!

Breathtaking 3D graphics

WARNING – you will get Hooked!!

Downloaded this game because my 4year old loves to fish and wanted a game for him to play. Not only is he addicted, but so am I! He enjoys catching different fish, trapping bugs to use as bait, and buying gear and tackle! Best fishing game ever, I would download this game again!


This game is awesome because you get to fish around the world get cool lures and baits but it’s also cool that you get to build our own paradise and you get to buy boats, cars, fish finders and rod and reels thank you for making this game hope you make a 2 one with all kinds of new and better things.

Colt 2001 kicker

This is actually surprisingly a very fun game! Have been playing everyday for the last 2 weeks and haven’t got board yet! They also make it pretty easy to earn cash and I like that, unlike most games were they force you to pay for things, they offer you cash if you share and rate etc!

Unkut worldwide

4.57 stars on Google Play

Fishing Paradise 3DGoogle Play4.57